7,50 m

7,00 m

1,60 m

0,14 -0,95m

395 kg

8,5 kvm

3,5 kvm

18,0 kvm

  9,0 kvm

Expolraider - Äventyrsbåt

Exploraider – a fast and comfortable raider

When designing EXPLORAIDER our starting point has been the experiences we got from our earlier, smaller, Faerings (4,7m and 5,7m). These little skiffs are very versatile and seaworthy but lack room for two or three people to sleep onboard.

Our mission when developing EXPLORAIDER has been:
1, She shall be fast under oars
2, She shall be fast under sail
3, She shall be simple to handle and reasonably comfortable for two oarsmen to sleep onboard while raiding.

The hull

The combination of the long waterline (7m) and the very sharp entry gives a boat that will cut through the waves with minimal resistance. The bustle in the aft stretches out the lines even more and reduces wetted surface. The very narrow width at waterline means that there will be a lot of reserve buoyancy above waterline. This will be crucial when sailing and rowing in big waves. The rudder (retractable) and a small retractable dagger board near the bow will be helpful to correct the course stability when rowing in stronger winds on the beam. This means that the balance under oars will be good on all courses and the driving force of the oarsmen can be used to pull forward instead of used to correct direction.

Building method

The hull will be built on a male form using 20mm Divinycell stripes. We will use epoxy resin and E-glas, two layers inside and three on the outside.

The longitudinal bulkheads (which supports the sliding seats) will give great stiffness to the hull. The construction of the rail will add stiffness. The bulkheads forward and aft and the frames in the middle of the boat will give torsional strength.

The hull will weight just about 180 kg so we can put 50-70kg of lead in under the floor board. This will give a big contribution to initial stability. This makes the boat easier to move around in.

There are two retractable centreboards. The centreboardcases are part of the longitudinal bulkheads. This configuration means that you get an undisturbed space in the middle of the boat. Here will be a perfect sleeping area for the exhausted oarsman.
When moored the centreboards can act as stabilizers when lowered a bit.

The rig

EXPLORAIDER has two rig options. The more performance oriented spri rig, with fully battened main, will be used especially when beating in winds over 9 knots. Sail area is moderate ( 12 sqm) because we will row faster in lighter winds. One of the main advantages with this rig is that the center of gravity will be low. The carbon mast is pre bent so it can be stowed by the rail.

The even simpler option is the “Viking sail” which will be used mainly downwind. This is a very simple sail with a lot of power, it’s easy to jibe (you don’t even notice when you have done it, promise!) This sail is also very easy to reef and to stow in the boat.


Two rowers on sliding seats can row EXPLORAIDER. No outriggers are needed when you got one oar each. As an alternative there can be two oarsmen beside each other on fixed seats and a single rower in front (using two oars).